2009-05-22 06:19:15 by PawProject

Sorry but no posts will be made until summer. except for the commercials for the summer events. Check out our site at and at 4:30, will be up.


2009-05-09 19:13:14 by PawProject

My net has been down for a while but I've been working on Picto Action. The Event is still nowhere near done, but i have been havng fun. The group PP is now doing a Collaboration to the song "Bounce" by "System of a Down". I'll put it up on the NG Forums now.

Picto Action1a

2009-05-03 11:55:21 by PawProject

Finally, the first of the episodes are finished. Check it out!

That one is messed up though. The best one is here: o-Action-Episode-1a-121295131
Hope you like it!

Paw Project Files: Picto Action

2009-04-29 20:23:09 by PawProject

Okay, so sure the opening was rough, but it's just the beginning. Here are the rules:

Each team of 8(Classic battle of Sonic vs Mario) must go through challenges for a grand prize.
The Winner gets $1,000,000! Each challenge, there will be 1 winning team, and 1 losing team. The winners get 2 Prizes:

A) They get a prize.

B) They vote off a member of the losing team

I might throw in some PA Music videos of the remaining members as well.
Thanks for watching,
~Espio15, Leader of the Paw Project